Why We Are Different

First and foremost We would like to welcome Collectors to our website and thank you for coming and reading our Blog and if you support DYE we are grateful and would like to say a special thank you to everyone out there viewing this. 


We will have weekly news on Dye and you can always pop by and check what is going on with our Newly formed company. 


Why we are different from any other Statue company or Toy company? 

Its just requires one word. 

The Word Collectible, now if we take a closer and deeper look at what the word means. 

1. An Item Worth Collecting and has an Interest to a Collector. 

2. Able to be collected. 

3. Something of Value and Sought by Collectors. 


These three points are why Dye Was Formed, and for many years going forward, we would like to keep this as a core value for our company and for you the Collector. 


Which means, all the products that see coming from DYE will be the rarest in the market. 

As we do not Labour to become rich but rather make something memorable and special to the Collector. 

Most of our Products the Edition size will not be higher than 150 Worldwide, as we want to give something truly remarkable to the people that support us, with fine craftsmanship and elegant designs working with the best Artists and painters in the industry and going over the product in production stage to truly deliver something flawless. 


Collecting is an Art form, Collectors come from far and wide and look for the rarest products from paintings to high-end sports cars to ancient samurai swords and even stamps and documents, armour and bones. 

As a pop culture related company focuses on anime related video games we want to give Collectors something really Rare and still make it affordable and memorable. 


We hope that you like our approach and look forward to releasing the rarest characters on the market. 


But until next week. 


Goodbye and Thank you in advance for your support. 

Steven Moore