Terry Bogard Player 2 Variant

Terry Bogard Player 2 Variant


The first statue in our King of Fighters Protagonist line, is the most popular fighter of both mega franchises King of Fighters and Fatal Fury. The Hero, Terry Bogard. Standing 19 inches tall with a classic stylized black base making him the combine size of 21 inches. Terry is depicted in the best version of him to date. The King of fighters 13 version, with a beautifully tailored jacket, where every stitch and zip is finely detailed. A meticulous sculpt of excellence from the clothing down to his jeans is 100% accurate to the gaming model the very version that fan’s know and love. The character will come with three switch out heads, showing a fighting stance, a cheeky taunt and teeth showing grimace head.

Terry Bogard is a character from Fatal Fury, King of fighters and also Garou Mark of the Wolves series. Him and his brother Andy Bogard where raised on the streets of Southside. Both Brothers Adopted by Jeff Bogard, when Terry was 10 years old, he witness the death of his father by the hands of Geese Howard. After swearing to avenge his father death, Terry trained under his fathers mentor Tung Fu Rue and gained even more abilities from fighting on the streets of South Side. A Decade later the crime boss known as Geese Howard organised a tournament dubbed the

King of fighters, where Terry enters with his brother Andy Bogard and a kickboxing champion Joe Higashi. Terry, then goes on to defeat Geese Howard killing him in the tournament, in the later games Terry trains the main protagonist Rock Howard in the blockbuster fighting game, Garou Mark of the Wolves. A Central character in all three fighting games.

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Product Details:

Edition: Player Two Blue Variant, Three Switch Out Portraits

Character: Terry Bogard

License: King of fighters

Type: Protagonist Series KOF

Approx Size: 21 inch Height 8 inches Depth 6 inches Width

Edition Size: 25 Pieces Only

Art Director: Dani Hinze

Sculpt: Gurjeet Singh

Material: Ecofriendly Grey Polystone Translucent Resin. PU

Colours: Hand Painted authentic King of fighter colours, Premium in depth colour design